Food Action is a food technology consultancy based in the central north island of New Zealand. We mainly service Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty, but have completed site work from Dunedin to Kaitaia, and have several international clients. Whether you are importing food, running a coffee van, a restaurant, or a multi million dollar manufacturing facility we can help you with your food safety and compliance. We also specialise in food labelling, product development, food marketing and food science. Contact us now on freephone or email. Check out our comprehensive range of services below.

Simply Safe and Suitable, and Template Food Control Plans

Food Control Plans can be a lot of work. We have applied a background in lean food manufacturing  and re-engineered these systems to be as fast and efficient as possible, in order to improve safety and effectiveness while saving you time and money.

Don’t be bogged down by paper based systems. Input information via tablet, phone or laptop and have all your info at your fingertips and ready for verification where ever you’re working.

Baking Safe

Butchery Safe

Serve Safe

Fish Safe

Fish Safe

Free Food Control Plan App

We provide a free basic app for all of our clients. This app is modelled on the MPI Record Blanks system. It is hosted by a 3rd party who offer a free trial, so depending on how you choose to use it, it can stay free, or you can pay them a subscription for more features. We can customise this app to your needs by adding section, removing unwanted sections, adding your data and adding instructions for your staff. You can add users with restricted access levels to keep your data safe.

  • Basic App is free and ready to go

  • 100% changeable and customisable

  • Accessible from phone, tablet or computer

National Programmes

National Programmes are a little more prescriptive than Food Control Plans. Food Control Plans let you control the risks your way a little more, National Programmes are a bit more like the old Food Hygiene Regulations where you are just told what you need to do. Although you don’t need a formal written plan with a National Programme, you more or less need to maintain most of the same records no matter what level you are on.

Let us help you manage your records and processes using our digital tools.

National Programme 1

National Programme 2

National Programme 3

Labelling Compliance

Food Labelling

Want a legally compliant food label? We are experts.

Food Labelling

Confused by what needs to go onto a label? There are pages and pages of legislation that need to be read and reviewed in order to create a label. We can do this for you, or show you how to do it yourself. Contact us now

Nutrition Panels

Need help calculating a nutrition panel? We can help

Nutrition Panels

With the government introducing instant fines for incorrect panels, it is now more important than ever to get this right. We can create nutrition panels for you, or show you how to do them yourself. Contact us now

Health Claims

Not sure what you can claim about the benefits of your product?

Health and Nutrition Claims

There is little doubt that claims made about foods help sell some products, but are they always legal? New laws were introduced in 2016 which standardises what claims can be made. Find out what you can claim.

Health Stars

Need help with the Health Star Rating system?

Health Stars

Do you need help calculating the health stars for your product, or need to reformulate to get more stars? Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance and show the health credentials of your product. Contact us now
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