Food Action is a food technology consultancy based in the central north island of New Zealand. We mainly service Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty, but have completed site work from Kaitaia to Dunedin and work remotely across New Zealand for a wide variety of clients. Labelling is complex, high risk work that can lead to dumped packaging or recalls when done wrong. We integrate our labelling work with all our services which includes custom food control plans, national programmes, new product development, food science, crisis management and process development. Contact us now on freephone or email. Check out our comprehensive range of services below.

Food Labelling Compliance

Are you a bit confused by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, or don’t even know what it is? We can help.

Food Labelling

Want a legally compliant food label? We are experts.

Food Labelling

Confused by what needs to go onto a label? There are pages and pages of legislation that need to be read and reviewed in order to create a label. We can do this for you, or show you how to do it yourself. Contact us now

Nutrition Panels

Need help calculating a nutrition panel? We can help

Nutrition Panels

With the government introducing instant fines for incorrect panels, it is now more important than ever to get this right. We can create nutrition panels for you, or show you how to do them yourself. Contact us now

Health Claims

Not sure what you can claim about the benefits of your product?

Health and Nutrition Claims

There is little doubt that claims made about foods help sell some products, but are they always legal? New laws were introduced in 2016 which standardises what claims can be made. Find out what you can claim.

Health Stars

Need help with the Health Star Rating system?

Health Stars

Do you need help calculating the health stars for your product, or need to reformulate to get more stars? Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance and show the health credentials of your product. Contact us now

Allergen Management and Labelling

Allergen management can be tricky. The law gives little direction and there can be a lot of inconsistency on the supermarket shelves. All too often the solution is to just label everything, but to those with allergies, this isn’t always helpful.

Industry guidance is available if you know where to look and it is important to follow the process correctly. The majority of recent food recalls in New Zealand are allergen related so it is important to get it right as early as possible because new packaging is expensive. Let us help you through this minefield. 

  • Allergen Management Plans
  • VITAL® Analysis
  • Legally compliant allergen labelling
  • Supermarket compliant allergen labelling and management
  • Ingredient control
  • Validated cleaning
  • Writing PIFs (Product Information Forms)

Our Labelling Tools

We use a range of tools to complete labelling work quickly, ranging from automated spreadsheets to online forms and databases.

Ingredient List Generator

Want a legally compliant food label? We are experts.

Ingredient List Generator

Making errors in long ingredient listings can be so easy. We have developed our own software to speed up the process and minimise the risk of simple errors.

Allergen List Generator

Allergen listings causing you confusion?

Allergen List Generator

We have written some software to consider your allergen risks so you can focus on what is important.

NIP File Joiner

Automatically join 2 nutrition panel calculator files

Nutrition Panel Calculator File Joiner

Need to join 2 nutrition panel calculator files? FSANZ told us it was impossible, but we found a way and saved a lot of misery.

Labelling Upload Tool

Speed up the process by sharing information efficiently

Labelling Upload Tool

Half the work involved with labelling is getting access to the right information. Check out our labelling upload tool here

Shelf Life Testing

Use by dates or best before dates are usually, but not always, a legal requirement. The rules around determining shelf life can be complex and the MPI Food Safety guidance document is over 40 pages long. And want to know a secret, that’t not even the main document you’ll need to refer to.

A conservative shelf life can cost a lot of money in wastage and returns, and a product that doesn’t maintain its quality to the end of its shelf life will cost you dearly, and one that doesn’t remain safe might cost your customer even more.

Shelf life calculations are sometimes easy. For the right product, starting with a good guess is both safe and suitable when done by someone qualified to make that judgement. This approach taken by the wrong person can be disasterous.

Longer shelf life products can also be a nightmare and that’s where accelerated shelf life testing can come into play. This is about the most inexact discipline there is in food science, but can offer some benefits and if you want to know if your product is likely to last 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months, then this could be a good option.

Whatever your product or needs, we know food and can help you run this gauntlet with the minimal risk to your business and your customers.

  • Best Before Dates

  • Use By Dates

  • Microbiological Testing

  • Water Activity and pH Testing

  • Accelerated Shelf Life Testing

  • Shelf Life Extension

  • Chemical Testing

  • Sensory Testing

Labelling Articles

Merging Two Nutrition Information Calculator Files?

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Is it Possible to Merge Two Nutrition Information Panel Calculator Backup Files? Yes, it can be done, and we have done it, but it is unbelievably difficult. Being a food technology consultancy, we produce a

Five Common Nutrition Panel Mistakes

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Nutrition panels can sometimes be easy to generate if you know what you are doing. The government has a publicly available calculator, or you can send a product sample to a lab. The rulebook is

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How to label foods correctly

June 12th, 2017|

Food labelling in NZ is horribly complicated. Unfortunately too many new operators just go into a store, find a comparable product, and copy all the mistakes someone else has already made. Others are unaware of

Other Labelling Services

Labelling overlaps and integrates with many elements of a food business. We have it covered.

Food Labelling Reports

Need a signed off report?

Food Labelling Reports

Need a signed off labelling report for supermarkets or your verifier? We can create a report for you and help with any non-conformances. Contact us now

Country of Origin Statement

Need help with Australian regulations

Country of Origin Statement

New Zealand and Australia have different rules on how to label for Country of Origin. Improve your chances to successfully export by getting it right first time. Contact us now

Labelling Complaints

Need to defend against a complaint, or make one yourself?

Labelling Complaints

The NZ system for labelling compliance is largely based around complaints. Are you losing a competitive advantage to other brands because they are breaking the rules. Call now to discuss your options.

Mock Recall

What would happen if you had to recall your products?

Mock Recall

Allergen labelling is the biggest reason that products in NZ are recalled. You are required to regularly run through recall simulations to ensure your systems can cope with a crisis. We have fast and efficient tools to help with this process. Contact us now

Everything Else We Do…

Food Control Plans, National Programmes and Legislative Requirements

Food safety management can be a costly exercise. You can over do it and add cost daily, or under do it and risk sending out unsafe product which can be disastrous. The new Food Act 2014 is now live so you have a few options on how you can manage your business, and we can help you  do this while keeping costs under control.

We have our basic template for a custom food control plan which has been implemented in several operations and verified by an MPI approved auditor. This template is thorough and at the same time, simple – written in plain English. It is also aligned with all our forms and templates so can be implemented quickly and efficiently.
Are you starting a new business, are currently council registered, or perhaps currently have a food safety programme and want to save some costs by changing to a National Programme and are unsure of the implications? We can help

From 1st July 2016 all food imported into New Zealand will have to be done by a registered food importer. That means, if you want to import food then you will have to become a food importer yourself, or go through a food import agent.

We are located 500m from the main gates of the Port of Tauranga, New Zealand’s largest port. Our site is also less than 300m from 2 large dry stores and 2 large cool and coldstores, and Customs are just 10 minutes away.

If you need someone to help you import food into New Zealand legally, then we are ideally placed to suit your needs.

Supermarket Entry

Getting into supermarkets can be tricky and frustrating – we know. If you are looking to start off, Foodstuffs is most likely the route you will take rather than Progressive / Countdown.

Foodstuffs have several routes in – via stores with SAP systems, via stores without SAP, and via the Category Manager. Each process is quite different and we’ve done them all for either our own products ( and other’s products.

If you get the steps wrong it can set you back by months and be costly. If you want to get into the supermarkets, we can help you navigate through the whole process.

  • GS1 Barcodes

  • Foodstuffs Exchange

  • GS1 Product Recall

  • Foodstuffs Compliance Pack

  • Priced Packing Slips

  • GS1 Product Flow and National Product Catalogue

  • Custom Food Control Plans and National Programmes

  • Labelling Reports

Food Science

Food science can be tough. Microbes are cunning, and chemical reactions can destroy the flavour of your food. The good news is that humans have been eating food since the beginning of time, and have constantly been driven to make it safer and more productive. We’ve devised some ingenious ways of keeping it fresh and tasty, and some techniques are becoming cleaner and healthier all the time. Take control of the microbiology, chemistry, and packaging of your food to optimise the protection, marketing and selling of your food.

Food Chemistry

Food Microbiology


Shelf Life Studies

Finding You What You Need

Sometimes its not what you know, its who you know.

We not only have a extensive range of industry and academic contacts, both nationally and internationally, we also have the skills, experience and ability to find the people we don’t know, and we can do it fast.

If you know what you want, but just don’t know how to find it, we can save you time and help.

  • Tracking down contract packers
  • Sourcing ingredients
  • Machinery selection
  • Packaging specification and sourcing
  • Expertise sourcing
  • Marketing, merchandising, brand management and distribution

Food Processing and Engineering

Food engineering is a tough field to get good at – too often hands-on engineers don’t have the hygiene and managerial skills,  and the graduate engineers don’t have the hands on factory experience. For one or the other to break through to the other side is tough and it can take years of years of hard fought experience. At Food Action we have years of both maintenance and project engineering management experience.

Project Engineering


Mathematical Modelling

Health and Safety

Process Control

Line Speed

Lean Manufacturing

Environmental Engineering and Management

Records Management

Are you drowning in a sea of records and have no control of your document control system? We might have the answer for you. During a recent overhaul of a food safety programme we removed 36 folders and replaced them with an efficient cloud based records management system that can be accessed by everyone who required the relevant information, backed up with a few simple paper based forms. Data can now be accessed by mobile app or securely off the internet. Contact us to find out if we can help you.

Developing a cloud based database was a game changer for us. Access to information improved, most of the systems went online, workflows became more efficient, it became possible to see what information was missing, and the mountain of folders almost disappeared.

We can now provide you will a full food control plan records management system in a matter of hours. Contact us to find out more.

Want to add production data using a simple tablet or smart phone. This can be an incredible tool for quickly sharing information between the factory floor and the office. We have a system that we can customise to your needs. Contact us to see a demo of how it works.
Excel is an incredibly versatile tool and there are always new functions to find. Are you using it efficiently? Using some basic automation scripting, jobs that usually take hours can be reduced to seconds, while becoming more reliable. Pivot tables can create powerful summaries of information and conditional formatting can make information easier to visualise.

Do your spreadsheets need a spruce up? Contact us and we can take a look for you; it might save you a lot of time and money.

Literature Search

The best start to any food project is a thorough literature search, yet many Kiwi clients are resistant to this and see it as an obstacle to getting stuck in.

Don’t stop after a Google search; even these days there is only a limited amount of quality information available on the internet.

We maintain an extensive library of knowledge, and are experts at accessing a huge amount of quality information. Let us help you fast track your project by getting the best information fast.

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